• We have expertise in
    pharmaceuticals and medical devices


We have vast experience in developing promotional and non-promotional materials across the product lifecycle. Our team has expertise both inside of pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as experience working within agencies, which uniquely prepares us to partner with you.

We have presented documents before internal review committees and have also been medical reviewers for materials. We have authored manuscripts and have also had experience on journal review and editorial boards. We are thoughtful and thorough, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our work is reflective of your high standards and that the work meets your needs.

Please see an abbreviated list of the type of work we've done for our clients:

Slide Deck Development
Manuscript Development
Abstract Development
Poster Development
Scientific Platforms
Scientific Gap Analysis

Publication Strategy
White Papers
Advisory Board Materials
Advisory Board Coverage and Execution
Training Materials
Clinical Case Studies

Editorial Support
Fact Checking
Medical Information
Standard Response Letters
Medical Review of Promotional Materials